DP2000-B6价格洼地DP2000-B6 Omega调节器

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产品名称: DP2000-B6价格洼地DP2000-B6 Omega调节器
产品型号: DP2000-B6
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DP2000-B6价格洼地DP2000-B6 Omega调节器由美国omega原厂渠道的深圳鑫博恒业科技有限公司特价提供,DP2000-B6价格洼地DP2000-B6 Omega调节器精度高,寿命长,DP2000-B6价格洼地DP2000-B6 Omega调节器是值得信赖的精密仪表.

DP2000-B6价格洼地DP2000-B6 Omega调节器的详细介绍

DP2000-B6价格洼地DP2000-B6 Omega调节器


1/8 DIN
DP2000-AB Series
5年保修 CE
1/8 DIN
DP2000-AB Series:直流电压表、电流计指示器/控制器<br>1/8 DIN
±1999 or ±9999 Count Display Span
±200 mV to ±200V or ±100 mV to ±100V Ranges
±20 μA to ±2 A or ±10 μA to ±1 A Ranges
1 or 0.1 mV/Count Analog Output
Front-Panel Accessible Adjustments
LED or LCD Display
Automatic Polarity
Display Hold and Test
Screw-Terminal Barrier Strip
The DP2000/9000A and DP2000/9000B are a high-quality ±1999 or ±9999 count DC voltmeter and ammeter, respectively. The base meters are digital indicators for use in electrically-noisy industrial environments. With the addition of analog and control outputs, these meters can provide two-wire currentloop signals to a central control room and provide local alarm or control. A 1/8 DIN case with screw terminals for signal and power is standard. A wide range of options are available.
Power and Display Options
Six types of power supplies are available: 120 Vac, 240 Vac, 24 Vac, 5 Vdc, isolated 9 to 32 Vdc and isolated 26 to 56 Vdc. An LED display is standard, an LCD display is optional and is recommended for viewing in bright ambient light. A NEMA 4 (IP65) splash-proof lens cover is available.
Signal input and power connections are made via a rear barrier terminal strip. The motherboard rear edge connector provides access to hold and test, polarity, clock, and the standard analog output and optional analog outputs. Decimal point positions can be selected by jumpers.
Analog Output Options
A 1 mV/count (±2V full-scale) or 0.1 mV/count (±1V fullscale) analog output is standard and is ideal for driving a strip-chart recorder. An additional analog output can be provided by an optional vertical plug-in board. Available output signals are 0 to 5 Vdc, 0 to 10 Vdc, 0 to 1 mA (source or sink) and 4 to 20 mA (source or sink). The top and bottom of each output range can be scaled to fit a user-selected display span.
Control Output Options
Additional outputs can be provided by a horizontal upper board. Available options include single-setpoint control with one 10 A relay, dual-setpoint control with two 10 A relays, 4 to 20 mA proportional control (source or sink), time-proportional 2 A solid-state relay control, and isolated, parallel BCD output.
Input Configuration
Configuration: Bipolar, single-ended
Polarity: Automatic
Span Adjustment: ±4%
Technique: Auto-zero, dual slope, average value
Signal Integration Period: 100 ms, nominal
Reading Rate: 2.5/s, nominal
LED: Red, 14.2 mm (0.56"), 7-segment
LCD: 12.7 mm (0.50"), 7-segment
AC Voltages: 120, 240 or 24 Vac 10%/-15%
AC Frequency: 49 to 440 Hz
DC Voltages: 9 to 32 Vdc, isolated to 300 Vp; 26 to 56 Vdc, isolated to 300 Vp; 5 Vdc ±5%, non-isolated
Power Consumption: 8 W maximum
Common Mode
Voltage: 1500 Vp test (354 Vp per IEC spacing)
Rejection (DC to 60 Hz): 120 dB
NMR 50/60 Hz: 75 dB (DP2), 130 dB (DP9)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Relative Humidity: 95% at 40°C (non-condensing)
Bezel: 96 W x 48 H x 8 mm D (3.78 x 1.89 x 0.31")
Depth Behind Bezel: 139.8 mm (5.50")
Panel Cutout: 92 W x 45 mm H (3.62 x 1.77")
Weight: 17 oz (480 g)
Case Material: 94V-0 UL-rated polycarbonate


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
(1) Display Resolution and Case Style
2 代表 ±1999 counts (3 1/2 digits)
9 代表 ±9999 counts (4 digits)
(2) Display & Power Options
0 代表 LED 120 Vac (49/440 Hz) (BQ20 or BQ90)
1 代表 LCD 120 Vac (49/440 Hz) (BQ21)
2 代表 LED 240 Vac (49/440 Hz) (BQ22 or BQ92)
3 代表 LCD 240 Vac (49/440 Hz) (BQ23)
4 代表 LED 9-32 Vdc (isolated) (BQ24 or BQ94)
5 代表 LCD 9-32 Vdc (isolated) (BQ25)
6 代表 LED 5 Vdc** (BQ26 or BQ96)
7 代表 LCD 5 Vdc** (BQ27)
8 代表 LED 24 Vac (BQ28 or BQ98)
9 代表 LCD 24 Vac (BQ29)
A 代表 LED 26-56 Vdc (isolated) (BQ2A or BQ9A)
B 代表 LCD 26-56 Vdc (isolated) (BQ2B)
(3) Analog Outputs
0 代表 1 mV/count (supplied on all units)
1 代表 0-5 Vdc non-isolated (BA01)
2 代表 0-10 Vdc non-isolated (BA01)
3 代表 0-1 mA source or sink non-isolated (BA01)
4 代表 4-20 mA source or sink non-isolated (BA01)
5 代表 4-20 mA sink (high-compliance) non-isolated. (BA02)
6 代表 4-20 mA ISOLATED (BA03)
(4) Control Outputs
0 代表 None
1 代表 Dual-setpoint 10 A relay. (BDT1)
2 代表 Proportional 4-20 mA control source or sink (BDP1)
3 代表 Time-proportional solid-state 2 A relay plus proportional 4-20 mA control source or sink. (BDP2)
4 代表 BCD (isolated latched buffered byte addressable). Includes 50-pin mass-termination connector. (BDD2)
5 代表 Single-setpoint 10 A relay (BDS1)
(5) Input Type and Range
A1 代表 DC Voltage ± 199.9 mV (DP2000) or ± 99.99 mV (DP9000)
A2 代表 DC Voltage ± 1.999 V (DP2000) or ± 999.9 mV (DP9000)
A3 代表 DC Voltage ± 19.99 V (DP2000) or ± 9.999 V (DP9000)
A4 代表 DC Voltage ± 199.9 V (DP2000) or ± 99.99 V (DP9000)
B1 代表 DC Current ± 19.99 μA (DP2000) or ± 9.999μA (DP9000)
B2 代表 DC Current ± 199.9 μA (DP2000) or ± 99.99μA (DP9000)
B3 代表 DC Current ± 1.999 mA (DP2000) or ± 999.9μA (DP9000)
B4 代表 DC Current ± 19.99 mA (DP2000) or ± 9.999 mA (DP9000)
B5 代表 DC Current ± 199.9 mA (DP2000) or ± 99.99 mA (DP9000)
B6 代表 DC Current ± 1.999 A (DP2000) or ± 999.9 mA (DP9000)
(6) Display Color
Nothing(leave field blank) 代表 for Red Display (standard)
-G 代表 Green Display


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